Let us go a few years back in time. I had been doing the same job for 10 years, deck supervisor for an offshore company in Norway. It was a good job, great pay, but in the last few years I started to lose my motivation.

I wanted more. I wanted to create something on my own, to do something different, something that would put me in control of my destiny.

I started a company while working offshore, designing websites. I had always had the interest of creating websites for different purposes. Now I was going to the next level of designing. But there was one thing about designing websites that bothered me and that was the limitation of time spent building these sites.

This made it difficult to grow further without hiring more people to expand the company’s production and revenue.

One night I was searching for different opportunity on the net, I came over a website that you could use for getting different jobs done, for people in your local community. And people could also take a paid job for earning some extra money.

The problem was that, using this service would cost you money even if you didn´t get the job. The process seemed slow and inefficient, and I thought there has to be a more practical way to get this done.

I thought, why not make an app for this kind of service. I started searching through App store and Google play store for similar apps, and I did not find any good apps for these kind of services, and that was when I came up with the Idea to develop JobCaster.

I did not know much about making apps at the time. I had to educate myself in this area of expertise, and I found out that it takes a lot of skills and knowledge to do the coding to build the app. I knew that I had to get someone to code and do the development of the app with me.

After a few months of research, I found a company in India with good credentials. I contacted them and after signing an agreement and arranging the build process they started coding. With the help of Appinventive my dream was on its way to being realized. I was determined that I was going to finance this app without founding, I wanted to do it all by myself. Keeping the control over company and the development of the app and its integrity was a very important factor for me.

After a month in to the build, I started to plan the marketing strategy of the business plan, and that’s when I decided to bring in some expertise. I contacted my brother Cato and asked him if he was interested to join the company.

I knew that he just had started a marketing company Raid Media Group with a former college and had a lot of knowledge and experience in sales and the field of online marketing.

The next step for us was to restructure the company and we gave it a new name, “Appfirm”, this would give us the opportunity to keep on developing more apps in the future. As two brothers growing up in a small place in the west Coast of Norway, we learned one important thing in life. Never rely on a small marked to support our income.

That is one of the reasons we wanted to launch an app that will function in the global marked. The first version of the app is in Norwegian and English and our plan is to have multilingual app that covers all countries.

This is the app to go to if you want work, or if you need help to get work done. We want to give people opportunity and freedom to share economy and create growth in local communities.