Here is how You can start your own little business. There is an app called " Jobcaster " on appstore and google play store that You can use as a tool to get small jobs in Your neighbourhood.

Download the app and share it on Your Sosial media channels with a personal text that You are looking for work in Your hometown, street og county. Then tell Your sosial media frends to share your post with all their friend on sosial media and tell them to use the Jobcaster app for posting their jobs.

And within a week og to there will be job offers popping up on your phone as push notifications. Open your Jobcaster app and get the jobs that you want to do. When You have a lot of Jobcaster users nearby, then you can earn hundreds or maby thousens of dollar per month. The best of all is that You decide the jobs that You want to do, and when You want to do them. You are now officialy your own Boss.

The Jobcaster app has an Yearly subscription of only 38$ for people that is 18 Years or older, that is only 3$ a moth, and only 12$ Yealy/ 1$ a moth, for Young people from the age of 13-17 Years old.

This post is written by Stein Sivertsen CEO of Jobcaster