Here is how You can start your own little business. There is an app called " Jobcaster " on appstore and google play store that You can use as a tool to get small jobs in Your neighbourhood.

Download the app and share it on Your Sosial media channels with a personal text that You are looking for work in Your hometown, street og county. Then tell Your sosial media frends to share your post with all their friend on sosial media and tell them to use the Jobcaster app for post. Read More


Companies. How to use the Jobcaster app for companies. If you have small company you may have experienced being overworked and understaffed and you wish you could get one more worker, just for the that day or just for a few hours. Maybe You have a “one man” company and you need someone to help you for a few days.

Using the Jobcaster app you can get that extra pair of hands within minutes. Sending out the request trough the app, you will find people in th. Read More

Welcome to Our Jobcaster Blog

It's been 18 months since we started with an idea, a vision of an app that could help everyone in their community. Now we are finally ready with the app and website. It's been a long jurney. We made the app for Android and iOS and launched it in English / Norwegian language. This website has the same function as the app,for people who prefer to use the computer for posting jobs or are looking for jobs.Hope your like it.

Det har nå gått 18 månder siden vi st. Read More